Monday, April 30, 2012

girl crush - the pirate princess

i've found a new obsession in ana de mendoza. it's not cause she's a princess. and it's not cause she's super beautiful, even though she was. it's cause she's rocking a muthafreakin' eyepatch after losing an eye from fencing as a kid. i can't find much about her, but i still find her utterly fascinating and have slight a girl crush, to be honest.

apparently there's some movies about her, which are now a must.

don't stop that motion

watching jason and the argonauts. yum.

not only am i a total nerd for greek mythology, but i also LOVE stop-motion movies of the 60's and 70's.

clash of the titans is probably my faves. but practically anything by ray harryhausen will do. just got the golden voyage of sinbad, and i'm drooling to watch it. that, and 20,000 leagues under the sea with captain nemo. i recently was reading league of extraordinary gentlemen and they described him as a "science pirate". i instantly wanted to be a science pirate. but then i thought it would be really cool to be a space pirate, and then i just couldn't decide. so i'm an undetermined, or to-be-announced pirate. just definitely not a sea pirate.

speaking of space piracy, i've always wanted to watch galaxy express 999. i remember seeing it when i was younger, and even though it was old looking anime (although, back then we didn't call it anime), i still was weirdly interested. i keep putting it off, i guess to keep the mystery alive. and well, cause i'm a procrastinator.

and while we're talking space pirates, i'm becoming a huge fan of inspector spacetime. way better than that doctor who crap.

Friday, April 27, 2012

mr. williams and batwoman's nipples

so i checked my email when i got home and saw i received a lovely email from jh williams in reply to an email i sent him a coupla days back. mr. williams is one of the very talented hands behind batwoman, which i'm a huge fan of.
while it is my general rule not to go out of my way to contact any persons of interest as i think it's a waste of time and i have better things to do. okay, i don't really, but i refuse to be comic book guy.
now this day i was warm with some hair of the dog and particularly infatuated with batwoman: elegy that i just finished and i had to tell someone. anyone. i'll tell jh himself, goddammit. so breaking all my rules, i wrote my first, uh...what you could call "fan mail" i guess? wait, no, i take that back, i did write sailor moon's naoko takeuchi in japan in the 6th grade. i did not get a response. anyway, back to the present. so i pretty much went all fan girl on him, which is pretty accurate because his work is far and away some of the best i've ever seen, definitely from dc. i love batwoman, who she is, who she isn't, that we finally have a super hero for us pasty girls to look up to. but i'd be lying if i said it was perfect.

it's the nipples.

don't get me wrong, i love the female form and there is def a time and a place for one to enjoy it's charms. i just don't think crime fighting is one of them. i don't know, it just takes me back to p.e. class. i don't expect you to understand if you're a dude, but let's just say the ladies hurt without support while running. and i told jh that.

and to my surprise he wrote me back! and he was so nice, too. he took the feedback very well and explained it was an aesthetic choice, for a kinda retro look. now not only do i love batwoman the comic, i can say the guy behind it is pretty choice, too. check out his work, it speaks for itself. artists with crazy talent like that and true appreciation of the fans need to be supported!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

guess who's coming to dinner


no, no your eyes do not deceive you. those are bargirl converse. they're so bad ass, i'm ready to fight some crime now. my black-on-black converse and the floral doc martens of my dreams. i'm thinking cream lace dress with my flower boots. yep yep. i love dresses with doc martens.

work was...rough. but there's opportunity in the air, and i'm blowing smoke rings. i'm trying to be selected to do some visual work at our corporate location. talk about super awesome career experience, i'm frothing at the mouth to go! also, there's a chance, a very slim, minute, barely even worth mentioning chance, that there will be a vis position opening up in georgetown. wouldn't that just be quite literally the meaning of perfection. le sigh.

while i've been procrastinating on what to read next i started this

still need to finish hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. only have 40 pages left, and yet i find myself staring at the wall instead. le sigh.

p.s., i love falling asleep to this...*yawn*

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

comic to-do list

okay. another series down, but still, there's never enough time to dedicate to pretty pictures and speech-bubbled words. le sigh. so i'm slowwwwwly going through my list here -

transmetropolitan - i was reading this a little bit before christmas, then i think i just started reading something else. that's just how it goes with me.

kabuki: the alchemy

love & rockets - i read maggie the mechanic a while back.

the watchmen - i know, i know, i have no excuse. *hangs head in shame*

sailor moon - been meaning to get around to reading all 18 volumes. and 200 episodes, for that matter, but that's for another day.

sweet tooth

the walking dead - another one i started and then i don't know what happened.

last, but certainly not least - tank girl

civil disobedience

just finished v for vendetta. it was brilliant, am still in an emotional exhaustion, my heart strings still in tight little knots. it plays out in a philosophically poetic cloud of smoke and tear gas from an anarchist's demolition. of course, i loved it.

i also recently finished reading "repent, harlequin!" said the ticktock man, an amazingly wonderful and bizarre short story by harlan ellison.
it's the title that got me. is that not the most crazy awesome title a short story? i'd never heard of him before, now i'm trying to get my sticky little hands on any of his words i can find. as i read it i knew i was reading the works of the superior intellect of a genius, or the ramblings of a complete mad man. but one can never be quite sure with the good ones, eh?

while the blood of anarchism and dystopian strife flow through my veins, i think next will be civil disobedience by thoreau. hee-haw!

the waiting game.

i don't know why, but i'm really excited about this. i've never really been a big fan of star trek, but then again i never really liked sci-fi, either. and now i love the doctor. so who knows?

still waiting for eternity clock to come out. in between waiting indefinitely for eternity clock (and the adventure games on mac) to release, pushing doctor who season 7 back til fall, and only doing 3 sherlock episodes a year, i'm not too happy with the bbc.

oh well. until then, i will be playing this -

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

an apple a day...

does not keep your want of doc martens at bay.

in the wake of my batgirl converse obsession (which i'm still waiting on), i've fallen head over heels, quite literally, over these floral doc martens -

they're made of a tapestry type material, which i actually lie better then the standard leather. i need them. like, right now.
but before you think i'm being slightly melodramatic with my footwear, one should know "vintage" floral docs like these are going for upwards of $400. f that.

i've been intrigued by these flower boot since i was a kid. it's funny to think anything i grew up with is now vintage. i think i realized that i was getting old when hot topic started carrying sailor moon shirts. obviously my childhood wiles are now the things of obscure references only appreciated by the ironic taste of hipsters and those of us who did not get laid in high school. le sigh. but, that doesn't mean i didn't buy them.

i still have my black steel-toe docs that i got in middle school, i think 7th grade. i wore them until the leather cracked and tore and the steel bent into my toe. they were my shoe of choice all the way through high school, and then periodically for another 2 or 3 years. while their old and ragged and down-right ugly, i just can't seem to bear throwing them away.


ah, can't sleep. super anxious. work is getting out of hand. last week i spent a day at tysons for a visual market meeting, then sunday with our regional visual mentor for smokes and development time. thursday i have the visual lead from georgetown coming over to do training on brand excellence with me, and then next week i'm off to claredon to work with our other regional visual mentor. and i still haven't solidified my store's action plan. damn you, recap emails.

to be honest, it's not the overwhelming part that scares the hell outta me out. i work best under pressure - it's the artistic talent of a procrastinator. no, it's the success. i've been failing and pushing and learning for the better part of the past two years to get here, and now, NOW things are happening.

and i'm scared shitless.

and this:

Monday, April 23, 2012

epic crossovers!

apparently, dreams do come true.

adventure time x doctor who

and obviously my favorite!! -

adventure time x sailor moon

and then this one...

mad props for anyone who gets the reference. you sir, have good taste.

visual merchandising - she's a harsh mistress

'lobby windows, for instance, will be replaced by sheets of creamy italian marble so that "people won't be able to relate to time. once they step inside, they will be in an adult disneyland." he'll use materials that "enhance" noise for the casino because "noise creates excitement." lighting for the blackjack tables will extend far enough to envelope the player, but not far enough to include spectators, "who may interrupt his sense of security." the eight restaurants will be done in "vestment colors" - gold, plum, deep reds - to suggest a kinship between gambling and royalty. restaurants will have thick rugs and mohair wall coverings, meant to impart a "sensuality" and warmth so patrons will have "another brandy," he says. but the high rollers who get complimentary suites will taste the flip side of environmental psychology... their suites will be done pin bold, contrasting colors with lighting so bright and noise enhanced to such high levels that the occupants will practically run to the roulette wheels.'

- store design and visual merchandising.

and that's why i love visual merchandising. you've spent your money before you've even taken it out of your pocket.

bat the girl.

a lot of the stuff my dreams are made of is just nonsense and sugar rush.
stuff like a steampunk tardis, a crazy mix of adventure time with doctor who, or if i was to dream big, like REALLY big, a doctor who lego video game...but as i said, all these things are nonsense in the most nonsensical form of the word, but some dreams are possible if you wish really hard on a star. an all-star, that is.

and you get sum MUTHAFREAKIN' BATGIRL shoes!

so, of course i immediately fell desperately and hopelessly in love with them. mama owed me a pair of belated christmas shoes and will be paying for her crime with these babies. sadly, journey's was out of stock of their crazy huge sizes that my feet require, sos i have to wait a coupla days :( but my marme, never wanting to disappoint and with my step-father's charge card in hand bought me the black-on-black high tops i've been eyeing for some time now. nice. very, very nice. i wonder if she ordered the toms that were my original choice for my belated shoes...

been reading v for vendetta. it's mind-blowing good. i'm wondering why i dropped it the first time i read it. it makes me think of beth with all the anarchy (in the u.k.!) and yelling at statues. not that she yells at statues, but i'm not sure she ever came across one that needed yelling at. so it's hard to say. for the most part that's how i'm spending my leisure time. i've been on a real comic book kick lately, and i'm sure as hell enjoying it. at some point life gets heavy and the good ol' boys sing their farewell blues and you kinda forget who you are. and you stop reading comic books. not cause you gots anything better to do, you just stop. and now i'm reading ghostworld and that yellow bastard remembering what it's like to sit outside in the damp heat of virginia with a hard, stiff drink watching the smoke from my clove dance in the stagnate, heavy air and thinking about the way things used to was back when billie sang it.