Tuesday, April 24, 2012

an apple a day...

does not keep your want of doc martens at bay.

in the wake of my batgirl converse obsession (which i'm still waiting on), i've fallen head over heels, quite literally, over these floral doc martens -

they're made of a tapestry type material, which i actually lie better then the standard leather. i need them. like, right now.
but before you think i'm being slightly melodramatic with my footwear, one should know "vintage" floral docs like these are going for upwards of $400. f that.

i've been intrigued by these flower boot since i was a kid. it's funny to think anything i grew up with is now vintage. i think i realized that i was getting old when hot topic started carrying sailor moon shirts. obviously my childhood wiles are now the things of obscure references only appreciated by the ironic taste of hipsters and those of us who did not get laid in high school. le sigh. but, that doesn't mean i didn't buy them.

i still have my black steel-toe docs that i got in middle school, i think 7th grade. i wore them until the leather cracked and tore and the steel bent into my toe. they were my shoe of choice all the way through high school, and then periodically for another 2 or 3 years. while their old and ragged and down-right ugly, i just can't seem to bear throwing them away.

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