Thursday, May 17, 2012

oh nos!

i really want a bowl of cocopebbles, which are right downstairs...waiting for me.
...calling to me.

except greg is down in the living room still reading and all my clothes are in the washer and i am not introducing him to my girl boxer shorts.  nope nope.

just wild at heart

ain't nothing to be done but accept who i is.  
it's over, all this things i thought were for sure for a while now and there's only an emptiness where all that fun daydreamy stuff used to be.  the weird thing is how freeing that emptiness is.  nothing's holding me back now.  as soon as i get over these mean reds, i'll feel wild again, untamed, the way i was meant to feel.  since always and forever.  but for now, i let the emptiness creep in and i try embrace it's freedom.  nothing's for sure.  but i'm not scared to change into what's next.  i had a cop tell me once while he was shining his flashlight in my face handing me a ticket as tears welled in my eyes, "life is good."  it didn't help at the time, but nothing has ever been so profound as those words when times get rough.

weird, life happens in a series of moments, and one never knows what moment can affect some one forever.  kinda neat, really.  moving on!

i just got caught up on suicide squad.  love, love harley in this!  wish she didn't look like a clown hooker though.  decent story line, but love the way they write her.  i'm not sure what to read next.  if i can find #2 of batgirl, then that.  doom patrol is looking pretty interesting, so that might be next on the agenda.  but i really need to sit my ass down and finish the wild life of sailor and lula.  i miss reading.  i don't do nearly enough of it, to be honest.

was watching bonnie & clyde the other day for the first time.  i liked it, but it was a little weird how they made clyde disinterested in sex or impotent or something.  what kind of tragic love story is that?  i loved the way they dressed faye though.  even though it was very 60's it had a smooth 20's vibe and she screamed fashion icon to me.  i also saw what the big deal with warren beatty was all about.  god, was that man fine back in the day.  my heart still belongs to gregory peck.  this reminds me, i still need to watch rebel without a cause...

in other prospectively exciting, yet not getting my hopes up news, there is a new release date for doctor who's eternity clock - may the 23rd...or so they say.  i've heard this one before, bbc, don't let me down again.  again, again, i mean.

in the mean time i've been checking out the new assassin's creed 3 which looks awesome!  i've never played an assassin's creed game (always wanted to, just never had the time), but this one looks like a must.  now that means playing catch up.  and cleaning my room so i can see my t.v.  OH!  and i'm getting a couch so i don't have to live on my bed as much!  thanks mom!

oh, so how am i the only one who didn't know about this??  GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS?!  where i get to dress up as superheroes without being said super hero?!  it looks amazing!  i can't wait to get my sticky little hands on it.  the only prob is i figure it's an mmo or at least has other players interaction, which means a wifi connection, which, well i do have one, but it's oh-so slow.  just thinking about the lag makes me sad.  but how ultimately cool does it look??

and there's my girls, batgirl and harley<3

5.17 comic to-do list.

the doom patrol
(grant morrison edition)

hopeless savages



love struck

adventure time!!

...and madman

i've fallen behind.  i keep getting sidetracked with 80's dystopian movies and barry gibbon's romances.  what a sick, strange world this is. 
i will feel accomplished today if i finish wild at heart, hhgtg, perdita durango, and bonnie and clyde.  probably ain't gonna happen, though...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

it's sangria weather!

yes! today i introduced my awesome new flower docs at work - got a lot of complements, but as soon as i got home off they came. i'm such a barefoot girl. i would never wear shoes if it was at all legal. swear. i'd totally go into a public restroom with bare feet that's how pro barefoot i am. something about feeling textures with my feet is very intriguing. pavement, grass, cement, rocks, it all. especially fabrics <3

 been reading some harlan ellison. he's something interesting. reading his stuff is proving rather provocative, especially considering when it was published. i read somewhere that he had to heavily edit his work because it was too erotically charged. and i can def see that in his work. he's almost adolescent in his obsession of it. still, i like the way he writes.

 also been looking into something called bizarro fiction, which i'm pretty sure is right up my ally.

i mean, come on, titles like rico slide will fucking kill you, satan burger, clockwork girl...they all sound pretty legit in my warped sense of style (this coming from the girl who thinks wild at heart and true romance are the epitome of romance). i'm just not really sure where to start. a lot of it looks like it self published, and the only one i've heard of is carlton mellick iii. who's has something like 30 books published. which makes me weary. no one, except maybe steven king, can have 30 books published and have it be quality stuff. it makes me think he publishes whatever he types. i'm sure i'll like some of his work, it's just wadding thru all the crap that turns me off.

also, lady gaga is going to be in the simpsons finale.  not sure how i feel about this...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5.9 update


just finished reading the killing joke

currently working on promethea

started reading wild at heart

current crush is captain nemo<3

my favorite is crawling into bed after a shower and falling asleep to dr. no

what's your update?

Monday, May 7, 2012


i'm kinda in love with this pairing, and i'm not sure why. i never really cared for wonder woman, but that started to change when i saw this -

it's the cover to wonder woman - hiketeia. all i can say is, git it, gurl. since then i've been totally obsessed with them. <3 it.

quitting is easy, i've done it lots of times.

today i quit smoking. or did i just run out of cigarettes?

as i've been sick for the past week and a half i haven't had too much a craving for em, so i figure now's as good a time as any. the thing i liked about smoking was that i could always pick it up or leave it without much effort. but now it's gotten harder to leave it in what i'm pretty sure they refer to as addiction. and, well, i realized i have been smoking (on and off) since i was 16, which is gonna be 10 years soon, and i think 10 years makes me an official smoker. ewww.

smoking also is not a great way to stay in shape, nor is microwaveable pizzas, which i've become all too friendly as of late. i've gotten kinda lazy with yoga and want to start running since a friend told me about zombies, run! a really nifty app that narrates an apocalyptic zombie scenario in between your playlists.

this past week i've been a complete lazy bum. mostly i caught up on the new 52 i've been reading. batwoman (of course!), wonder woman, and the suicide squad with my girl harley quinn. oh harley, what have they done to you?

it seems a really cruel joke to make my harley no more than a harlot. it's not that i don't like the look, cause i do, it's just not harley. harley was the coolest because her appeal wasn't sexual. she didn't need it. she did it all on her own by being bat-shit insane. all covered literally head to toe and still she was everyone's favorite. i will say they have written her well, and thus far i'm actually liking suicide squad in it's own right. but i can't help but feel they're bastardizing a great character for a cheap thrill of cleavage in a tube top.

i still need to read batgirl. i'm gonna check out justice league dark, too.

while in bed being all lazy and whatnot, i watched the seven faces of dr. lao, since it was one of ray's stop motion flicks. eh, really boring. there was barely any stop-motion, and the plot made no sense. i left missing those 2 hours of my life that could have been used watching dateline. le sigh. i was also able to watch one off my list of to-dos, escape from new york. it was alright, i prefer mad max, but escape NY did bring a certain level of class i was not expecting...
muthafreakin' chandelier car!!

also watched batman - gotham knight. or at least started it. the animation is amazing. simple amazing!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


it's finally here!
(and has apparently been here for some time...)

francesca lia block X wildfox collection!

i've been waiting for this since last november when they first announced the collab. wildfox has now released it's upcoming lookbook for the fall when the line comes out.

overall, i wasn't very impressed. the line looks very much like wildfox, and while i do love wildfox, it's a very distinctive look: cheap, yet paid too much, flimsy, but ripped in exactly the same locations. but nothing about it screamed FLB. maybe because wildfox is very FLB already. only one piece caught my eye, the i believe in magic hoodie, which i can definitely see me rocking and very well might buy. i think it would be neat if i could get FLB to sign it for me<3

you can check out the rest of the lookbook, short story, and illustrations at

4.29 window displays in RTC

south moon under

barefoot mannequins with paper cranes, either dangling on strings or spread across the base. interesting visually, but probably a little too early in the season to scream paper cranes, imho. this only exaggerates the fact that the cranes are purely aesthetic. don't get me wrong, i love brand excellence through pure aesthetics, but it just doesn't fit. 3/5.


amazing crepe and plastic create the backdrop of this window. anthropologie is known for it's aesthetics for aesthetic sake. a true anthropologie design, the "flowers" add to the presentation without rhyme or reason. however, we are yet again questioning anthropologie's selection of clothes they put on display. lime green skinny fit is not a clandestine fashion choice; it's hidden for a reason. 4.5/5.

once in a fort night.

as day three of this nyquil-induced haze approaches and my likeness to gary busey's mug shot only increases,
i've started to reevaluate my life. what am i doing with my life? is this all there is? what do i do with the top sheet that i get whenever i buy a new set of sheets? it's not like i use them.

ah, these and other of life's great mysteries swirl through my head. maybe because i'm sick and all gary busey looking that it seems paramount i figure this shit out. maybe it's the nyquil being practically liquid courage. (yeah.) who knows? but i have figured out one thing in a life of otherwise lost dreams and broken promises. i need to build a muthafreakin fort.

it came hard and it came sudden at 4 in the morning, this need to build. i felt it before, but never so intoxicated with decongestants.
building forts, namely blanket forts, have been an interest of mine for quite some time. there's something about them i find hopelessly romantic. if i was to be honest, i think it's because i saw the blue lagoon a few too many times as a child. i'm pretty sure that movie at least distorted, if not completely f-ed up, my head. but, back to the forts! i like forts :)

the plan has been to create a fort on special occasions, like anniversaries, etc., but then i thought it would be neat to have a fort in the living room all year long just for, you know, cause i can, being an adult and all. as an adult i now get to make the decisions of when the fort comes down. so then, why come down at all? i want to be the adult that has a fort in their living room all the time!
some things will have to be considered, like lighting and pillows. i would love to get a chinese lantern for my fort and let the shadows dance along the folds. while looking up forts i found a LOT of people are going the way of candles for their forts. very romantic, abet a highly flammable solution. i'm not quite sure i'm willing to chance it. especially when you can get really sweet looking flower twinkle lights to hang up inside. the only problem is i need to find ones that will be low-light, not super bright like christmas tree ones. they can practically light up a room by themselves.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

under the influence.

i have the flu. eww.
the nyquil makes my head swimmy and i'm pretty sure my walls are moving. but this seems to make sense right now. since vertigo and the absurd are the norm, i think i should watch the yellow submarine. a heavy dose of nyquil is probably the closest i'll ever get to an acid trip, so i figure now's as good a time as any.

i also desperately want to see love - cirque du soleil x the beatles. how ridiculously cool does it look??

i also want to try this, just not sure where to get it though.

farewell, and remember: