Tuesday, April 24, 2012


ah, can't sleep. super anxious. work is getting out of hand. last week i spent a day at tysons for a visual market meeting, then sunday with our regional visual mentor for smokes and development time. thursday i have the visual lead from georgetown coming over to do training on brand excellence with me, and then next week i'm off to claredon to work with our other regional visual mentor. and i still haven't solidified my store's action plan. damn you, recap emails.

to be honest, it's not the overwhelming part that scares the hell outta me out. i work best under pressure - it's the artistic talent of a procrastinator. no, it's the success. i've been failing and pushing and learning for the better part of the past two years to get here, and now, NOW things are happening.

and i'm scared shitless.

and this: