Monday, April 23, 2012

bat the girl.

a lot of the stuff my dreams are made of is just nonsense and sugar rush.
stuff like a steampunk tardis, a crazy mix of adventure time with doctor who, or if i was to dream big, like REALLY big, a doctor who lego video game...but as i said, all these things are nonsense in the most nonsensical form of the word, but some dreams are possible if you wish really hard on a star. an all-star, that is.

and you get sum MUTHAFREAKIN' BATGIRL shoes!

so, of course i immediately fell desperately and hopelessly in love with them. mama owed me a pair of belated christmas shoes and will be paying for her crime with these babies. sadly, journey's was out of stock of their crazy huge sizes that my feet require, sos i have to wait a coupla days :( but my marme, never wanting to disappoint and with my step-father's charge card in hand bought me the black-on-black high tops i've been eyeing for some time now. nice. very, very nice. i wonder if she ordered the toms that were my original choice for my belated shoes...

been reading v for vendetta. it's mind-blowing good. i'm wondering why i dropped it the first time i read it. it makes me think of beth with all the anarchy (in the u.k.!) and yelling at statues. not that she yells at statues, but i'm not sure she ever came across one that needed yelling at. so it's hard to say. for the most part that's how i'm spending my leisure time. i've been on a real comic book kick lately, and i'm sure as hell enjoying it. at some point life gets heavy and the good ol' boys sing their farewell blues and you kinda forget who you are. and you stop reading comic books. not cause you gots anything better to do, you just stop. and now i'm reading ghostworld and that yellow bastard remembering what it's like to sit outside in the damp heat of virginia with a hard, stiff drink watching the smoke from my clove dance in the stagnate, heavy air and thinking about the way things used to was back when billie sang it.

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