Wednesday, April 25, 2012

comic to-do list

okay. another series down, but still, there's never enough time to dedicate to pretty pictures and speech-bubbled words. le sigh. so i'm slowwwwwly going through my list here -

transmetropolitan - i was reading this a little bit before christmas, then i think i just started reading something else. that's just how it goes with me.

kabuki: the alchemy

love & rockets - i read maggie the mechanic a while back.

the watchmen - i know, i know, i have no excuse. *hangs head in shame*

sailor moon - been meaning to get around to reading all 18 volumes. and 200 episodes, for that matter, but that's for another day.

sweet tooth

the walking dead - another one i started and then i don't know what happened.

last, but certainly not least - tank girl


Karswell said...

All good stuff! I recently re-read Watchmen again for the first time in over a decade and it's held up more than awesomely.

Don't forget to add my book to your reading list when it comes out May 22nd:

lala said...

very nice! you author or artist??

Karswell said...

Co-editor... I wrote one of the intros and most of the story scans come from my collection.

You'll LOVE it :) !!!

sundersartwork said...

I always wanted to read love and rockets. Even though i dont read them now, i still check out the odd review and those autobiographical comics are always the most interesting.