Friday, April 27, 2012

mr. williams and batwoman's nipples

so i checked my email when i got home and saw i received a lovely email from jh williams in reply to an email i sent him a coupla days back. mr. williams is one of the very talented hands behind batwoman, which i'm a huge fan of.
while it is my general rule not to go out of my way to contact any persons of interest as i think it's a waste of time and i have better things to do. okay, i don't really, but i refuse to be comic book guy.
now this day i was warm with some hair of the dog and particularly infatuated with batwoman: elegy that i just finished and i had to tell someone. anyone. i'll tell jh himself, goddammit. so breaking all my rules, i wrote my first, uh...what you could call "fan mail" i guess? wait, no, i take that back, i did write sailor moon's naoko takeuchi in japan in the 6th grade. i did not get a response. anyway, back to the present. so i pretty much went all fan girl on him, which is pretty accurate because his work is far and away some of the best i've ever seen, definitely from dc. i love batwoman, who she is, who she isn't, that we finally have a super hero for us pasty girls to look up to. but i'd be lying if i said it was perfect.

it's the nipples.

don't get me wrong, i love the female form and there is def a time and a place for one to enjoy it's charms. i just don't think crime fighting is one of them. i don't know, it just takes me back to p.e. class. i don't expect you to understand if you're a dude, but let's just say the ladies hurt without support while running. and i told jh that.

and to my surprise he wrote me back! and he was so nice, too. he took the feedback very well and explained it was an aesthetic choice, for a kinda retro look. now not only do i love batwoman the comic, i can say the guy behind it is pretty choice, too. check out his work, it speaks for itself. artists with crazy talent like that and true appreciation of the fans need to be supported!


Karswell said...

To the Retro Nipple Mobile!

lala said...

if only they made those!! i bet it'd be a hybrid.

Jason said...

Hah, you should see Bruce Timm's (the artist behind Batman The Animated Series, etc.) artwork. Oddly shaped, pointy boobs.