Monday, April 30, 2012

don't stop that motion

watching jason and the argonauts. yum.

not only am i a total nerd for greek mythology, but i also LOVE stop-motion movies of the 60's and 70's.

clash of the titans is probably my faves. but practically anything by ray harryhausen will do. just got the golden voyage of sinbad, and i'm drooling to watch it. that, and 20,000 leagues under the sea with captain nemo. i recently was reading league of extraordinary gentlemen and they described him as a "science pirate". i instantly wanted to be a science pirate. but then i thought it would be really cool to be a space pirate, and then i just couldn't decide. so i'm an undetermined, or to-be-announced pirate. just definitely not a sea pirate.

speaking of space piracy, i've always wanted to watch galaxy express 999. i remember seeing it when i was younger, and even though it was old looking anime (although, back then we didn't call it anime), i still was weirdly interested. i keep putting it off, i guess to keep the mystery alive. and well, cause i'm a procrastinator.

and while we're talking space pirates, i'm becoming a huge fan of inspector spacetime. way better than that doctor who crap.


Karswell said...

The skeleton battle sequence in Argonauts is one of the greatest moments in movie history!

If you ever start a Science Pirate Society count me in!

lala said...

agreed. it was amazing to watch, even now with my jaded eyes.

we need to! we'd be so classy, talking science with an eyepatch drinking tea out of our skull teapot.

Karswell said...

Don't forget wearing our Bat Girl shoes too! Ooo-- speaking of pirates and science, THE PIRATES! (the new Aardman movie) is excellent!