Monday, April 23, 2012

visual merchandising - she's a harsh mistress

'lobby windows, for instance, will be replaced by sheets of creamy italian marble so that "people won't be able to relate to time. once they step inside, they will be in an adult disneyland." he'll use materials that "enhance" noise for the casino because "noise creates excitement." lighting for the blackjack tables will extend far enough to envelope the player, but not far enough to include spectators, "who may interrupt his sense of security." the eight restaurants will be done in "vestment colors" - gold, plum, deep reds - to suggest a kinship between gambling and royalty. restaurants will have thick rugs and mohair wall coverings, meant to impart a "sensuality" and warmth so patrons will have "another brandy," he says. but the high rollers who get complimentary suites will taste the flip side of environmental psychology... their suites will be done pin bold, contrasting colors with lighting so bright and noise enhanced to such high levels that the occupants will practically run to the roulette wheels.'

- store design and visual merchandising.

and that's why i love visual merchandising. you've spent your money before you've even taken it out of your pocket.


Mac said...
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Mac said...

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