Thursday, May 10, 2012

it's sangria weather!

yes! today i introduced my awesome new flower docs at work - got a lot of complements, but as soon as i got home off they came. i'm such a barefoot girl. i would never wear shoes if it was at all legal. swear. i'd totally go into a public restroom with bare feet that's how pro barefoot i am. something about feeling textures with my feet is very intriguing. pavement, grass, cement, rocks, it all. especially fabrics <3

 been reading some harlan ellison. he's something interesting. reading his stuff is proving rather provocative, especially considering when it was published. i read somewhere that he had to heavily edit his work because it was too erotically charged. and i can def see that in his work. he's almost adolescent in his obsession of it. still, i like the way he writes.

 also been looking into something called bizarro fiction, which i'm pretty sure is right up my ally.

i mean, come on, titles like rico slide will fucking kill you, satan burger, clockwork girl...they all sound pretty legit in my warped sense of style (this coming from the girl who thinks wild at heart and true romance are the epitome of romance). i'm just not really sure where to start. a lot of it looks like it self published, and the only one i've heard of is carlton mellick iii. who's has something like 30 books published. which makes me weary. no one, except maybe steven king, can have 30 books published and have it be quality stuff. it makes me think he publishes whatever he types. i'm sure i'll like some of his work, it's just wadding thru all the crap that turns me off.

also, lady gaga is going to be in the simpsons finale.  not sure how i feel about this...


Karswell said...

Hi-rez pix of you feeling textures with your barefeet would make for a great series of posts ;)

And let us know what Bizarro Fiction titles you find recommendable, I'm always on the look out for something bizarro to read.

Karswell said...

Love the new banner too!

lala said...

oh wow, i love that idea for feet with texture! done! sounds so fun. suggest more, my friend. and as soon as i can find some good bizarro, you will be the first to know :D

Karswell said...