Thursday, May 17, 2012

5.17 comic to-do list.

the doom patrol
(grant morrison edition)

hopeless savages



love struck

adventure time!!

...and madman

i've fallen behind.  i keep getting sidetracked with 80's dystopian movies and barry gibbon's romances.  what a sick, strange world this is. 
i will feel accomplished today if i finish wild at heart, hhgtg, perdita durango, and bonnie and clyde.  probably ain't gonna happen, though...


Karswell said...

Wild coinky! Once zombie month is over I'm going to post some stories from Wasteland next month at my horror blog!

I still need to get a copy of that Adventure Time comic too... they're kinda pricey on ebay :(

Karswell said...

>wants to be a physicist like princess bubblegum.

haha, so you can bring back the dead?

lala said...

i have electronic copies of the adventure time if ya want em!

Karswell said...

sure! send 'em over!