Thursday, May 17, 2012

just wild at heart

ain't nothing to be done but accept who i is.  
it's over, all this things i thought were for sure for a while now and there's only an emptiness where all that fun daydreamy stuff used to be.  the weird thing is how freeing that emptiness is.  nothing's holding me back now.  as soon as i get over these mean reds, i'll feel wild again, untamed, the way i was meant to feel.  since always and forever.  but for now, i let the emptiness creep in and i try embrace it's freedom.  nothing's for sure.  but i'm not scared to change into what's next.  i had a cop tell me once while he was shining his flashlight in my face handing me a ticket as tears welled in my eyes, "life is good."  it didn't help at the time, but nothing has ever been so profound as those words when times get rough.

weird, life happens in a series of moments, and one never knows what moment can affect some one forever.  kinda neat, really.  moving on!

i just got caught up on suicide squad.  love, love harley in this!  wish she didn't look like a clown hooker though.  decent story line, but love the way they write her.  i'm not sure what to read next.  if i can find #2 of batgirl, then that.  doom patrol is looking pretty interesting, so that might be next on the agenda.  but i really need to sit my ass down and finish the wild life of sailor and lula.  i miss reading.  i don't do nearly enough of it, to be honest.

was watching bonnie & clyde the other day for the first time.  i liked it, but it was a little weird how they made clyde disinterested in sex or impotent or something.  what kind of tragic love story is that?  i loved the way they dressed faye though.  even though it was very 60's it had a smooth 20's vibe and she screamed fashion icon to me.  i also saw what the big deal with warren beatty was all about.  god, was that man fine back in the day.  my heart still belongs to gregory peck.  this reminds me, i still need to watch rebel without a cause...

in other prospectively exciting, yet not getting my hopes up news, there is a new release date for doctor who's eternity clock - may the 23rd...or so they say.  i've heard this one before, bbc, don't let me down again.  again, again, i mean.

in the mean time i've been checking out the new assassin's creed 3 which looks awesome!  i've never played an assassin's creed game (always wanted to, just never had the time), but this one looks like a must.  now that means playing catch up.  and cleaning my room so i can see my t.v.  OH!  and i'm getting a couch so i don't have to live on my bed as much!  thanks mom!

oh, so how am i the only one who didn't know about this??  GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS?!  where i get to dress up as superheroes without being said super hero?!  it looks amazing!  i can't wait to get my sticky little hands on it.  the only prob is i figure it's an mmo or at least has other players interaction, which means a wifi connection, which, well i do have one, but it's oh-so slow.  just thinking about the lag makes me sad.  but how ultimately cool does it look??

and there's my girls, batgirl and harley<3


Karswell said...

You're in DC, right-- a friend of mine who used to work in a video / book shop somewhere in your city and Faye Dunaway walked in one night. He was all alone and she hung around and talked to him for awhile... he said she was awesome. I can believe it.

I'm psyched for Dr. Who too, have you been watching the Sherlock BBC series? It's pretty awesome too. Finally saw the season 2 Baskervilles ep the other night.

lala said...

uh, yeah, i'm all about the sherlock. it pisses me off to no end they left season 2 like that and now i have to wait a whole year for another 3 episodes. boo face>(

Karswell said...

I call it Spocklock... he's totally Holmes of course but alot like the weirdly emotionless Spock too in this series (moreso than any other version of him anyway.)