Thursday, May 3, 2012

4.29 window displays in RTC

south moon under

barefoot mannequins with paper cranes, either dangling on strings or spread across the base. interesting visually, but probably a little too early in the season to scream paper cranes, imho. this only exaggerates the fact that the cranes are purely aesthetic. don't get me wrong, i love brand excellence through pure aesthetics, but it just doesn't fit. 3/5.


amazing crepe and plastic create the backdrop of this window. anthropologie is known for it's aesthetics for aesthetic sake. a true anthropologie design, the "flowers" add to the presentation without rhyme or reason. however, we are yet again questioning anthropologie's selection of clothes they put on display. lime green skinny fit is not a clandestine fashion choice; it's hidden for a reason. 4.5/5.


Karswell said...

Very interesting... I'm looking forward to more of these window display critiques!

MOV said...