Tuesday, May 1, 2012

under the influence.

i have the flu. eww.
the nyquil makes my head swimmy and i'm pretty sure my walls are moving. but this seems to make sense right now. since vertigo and the absurd are the norm, i think i should watch the yellow submarine. a heavy dose of nyquil is probably the closest i'll ever get to an acid trip, so i figure now's as good a time as any.

i also desperately want to see love - cirque du soleil x the beatles. how ridiculously cool does it look??

i also want to try this, just not sure where to get it though.

farewell, and remember:


Karswell said...

I'm totally hyped for The Beatles: the Lost Concert, noticed it'll be playing here in StL in a few weeks-- yay!!

Get well!

lala said...

what's the last concert?? i haven't heard of that...

Karswell said...


lala said...

UGH! i'm so jelly! i wanna go!!