Thursday, May 3, 2012

once in a fort night.

as day three of this nyquil-induced haze approaches and my likeness to gary busey's mug shot only increases,
i've started to reevaluate my life. what am i doing with my life? is this all there is? what do i do with the top sheet that i get whenever i buy a new set of sheets? it's not like i use them.

ah, these and other of life's great mysteries swirl through my head. maybe because i'm sick and all gary busey looking that it seems paramount i figure this shit out. maybe it's the nyquil being practically liquid courage. (yeah.) who knows? but i have figured out one thing in a life of otherwise lost dreams and broken promises. i need to build a muthafreakin fort.

it came hard and it came sudden at 4 in the morning, this need to build. i felt it before, but never so intoxicated with decongestants.
building forts, namely blanket forts, have been an interest of mine for quite some time. there's something about them i find hopelessly romantic. if i was to be honest, i think it's because i saw the blue lagoon a few too many times as a child. i'm pretty sure that movie at least distorted, if not completely f-ed up, my head. but, back to the forts! i like forts :)

the plan has been to create a fort on special occasions, like anniversaries, etc., but then i thought it would be neat to have a fort in the living room all year long just for, you know, cause i can, being an adult and all. as an adult i now get to make the decisions of when the fort comes down. so then, why come down at all? i want to be the adult that has a fort in their living room all the time!
some things will have to be considered, like lighting and pillows. i would love to get a chinese lantern for my fort and let the shadows dance along the folds. while looking up forts i found a LOT of people are going the way of candles for their forts. very romantic, abet a highly flammable solution. i'm not quite sure i'm willing to chance it. especially when you can get really sweet looking flower twinkle lights to hang up inside. the only problem is i need to find ones that will be low-light, not super bright like christmas tree ones. they can practically light up a room by themselves.

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