Thursday, May 3, 2012


it's finally here!
(and has apparently been here for some time...)

francesca lia block X wildfox collection!

i've been waiting for this since last november when they first announced the collab. wildfox has now released it's upcoming lookbook for the fall when the line comes out.

overall, i wasn't very impressed. the line looks very much like wildfox, and while i do love wildfox, it's a very distinctive look: cheap, yet paid too much, flimsy, but ripped in exactly the same locations. but nothing about it screamed FLB. maybe because wildfox is very FLB already. only one piece caught my eye, the i believe in magic hoodie, which i can definitely see me rocking and very well might buy. i think it would be neat if i could get FLB to sign it for me<3

you can check out the rest of the lookbook, short story, and illustrations at

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