Monday, May 7, 2012

quitting is easy, i've done it lots of times.

today i quit smoking. or did i just run out of cigarettes?

as i've been sick for the past week and a half i haven't had too much a craving for em, so i figure now's as good a time as any. the thing i liked about smoking was that i could always pick it up or leave it without much effort. but now it's gotten harder to leave it in what i'm pretty sure they refer to as addiction. and, well, i realized i have been smoking (on and off) since i was 16, which is gonna be 10 years soon, and i think 10 years makes me an official smoker. ewww.

smoking also is not a great way to stay in shape, nor is microwaveable pizzas, which i've become all too friendly as of late. i've gotten kinda lazy with yoga and want to start running since a friend told me about zombies, run! a really nifty app that narrates an apocalyptic zombie scenario in between your playlists.

this past week i've been a complete lazy bum. mostly i caught up on the new 52 i've been reading. batwoman (of course!), wonder woman, and the suicide squad with my girl harley quinn. oh harley, what have they done to you?

it seems a really cruel joke to make my harley no more than a harlot. it's not that i don't like the look, cause i do, it's just not harley. harley was the coolest because her appeal wasn't sexual. she didn't need it. she did it all on her own by being bat-shit insane. all covered literally head to toe and still she was everyone's favorite. i will say they have written her well, and thus far i'm actually liking suicide squad in it's own right. but i can't help but feel they're bastardizing a great character for a cheap thrill of cleavage in a tube top.

i still need to read batgirl. i'm gonna check out justice league dark, too.

while in bed being all lazy and whatnot, i watched the seven faces of dr. lao, since it was one of ray's stop motion flicks. eh, really boring. there was barely any stop-motion, and the plot made no sense. i left missing those 2 hours of my life that could have been used watching dateline. le sigh. i was also able to watch one off my list of to-dos, escape from new york. it was alright, i prefer mad max, but escape NY did bring a certain level of class i was not expecting...
muthafreakin' chandelier car!!

also watched batman - gotham knight. or at least started it. the animation is amazing. simple amazing!


Karswell said...

They filmed Escape from NY right here in StL... I was just a kid but my aunt took me down to the location one rad night and we watched Kurt Russell (and his stunt double) drive the car backwards into the wall of cars about 49 times.

lala said...

that's awesome! i would have loved to see them filming the scene with the chandelier cars, they are so pimp!

Karswell said...

Haha... The Duke, he's A #1!

(Congrats on quitting smoking too!)